Donor Advised Funds

Offering You Flexible Giving Options

Donor Advised Funds provide a flexible and convenient way to participate in philanthropic giving. Donations to your Donor Advised Fund may be eligible for immediate tax benefits,* while providing you the ability to determine when and how to recommend grants to your favorite charities.

You can recommend grants anytime online or work with our expert staff to research and choose the best opportunities to achieve your goals.

Donor Advised Funds are a great way to engage multiple generations in family giving. Create a fund based on your family’s values and involve family members in meaningful charitable experiences. Name loved ones as successor advisors, so you can pass on your values and encourage future generations to continue your philanthropic traditions.

*This is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, tax, or financial advice. When considering tax planning strategies, you should always consult with your own legal and tax advisors.

Girl Drops Coins into Tzedakah Jar to save for a Donor Advised Fund in the future

How Donor Advised Funds Work

  • Establish a fund with a gift of $10,000 or more (e.g., cash, stocks, real estate, or other assets) or build up to this level over two to five years.
  • Name your fund for families or individuals (e.g., the Smith Family Fund or the Jane Smith Memorial Fund) or for other positive associations (e.g., the Elm Fund).
  • Log in online to check your fund balance and recommend grants.
  • You and your designated fund advisors can make grant recommendations at any time to qualifying nonprofits.
  • The Foundation handles all administrative requirements and provides you with detailed reports of your fund activity.

“We looked at other foundations, but I could feel my mother’s heart at the Jewish Community Foundation. She was a strong member of the Jewish community in Hartford. Working with the Jewish Community Foundation on my mother’s fund was an easy process.” — Andy White

 Example of a Donor Advised Fund Grant in Action

When food requests from families doubled in winter 2021 at Jewish Family Services Anja Rosenberg Kosher Food Pantry, grants from Donor Advised Funds fully funded the expansion of the pantry’s space, a new refrigerator and other equipment. This allowed the Pantry to meet the needs of more families at a difficult time.

Values in Action – Fundholders’ Impact

An Invitation: A New Approach to Repairing the World

An Invitation: A New Approach to Repairing the World

Foundation Trustee Bob Yass and his wife, Mary-Jane Eisen, have channeled their ongoing commitment to human rights and social justice into a new endowment fund specifically designed for this interest area. “We hope our new fund will be a meaningful example and inspire...

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