Community Action Funds Support Greater Hartford’s Jewish Community Forever 

Community Action Funds provide unrestricted endowment dollars to the Foundation to address the most pressing needs and promising opportunities in Greater Hartford’s Jewish community. By entrusting the Foundaton’s Trustees with the ability to award grants, you can rest assured we will maximize the impact of your Fund based on the community’s evolving needs — for generations to come.

These funds allowed the Foundation to grant $800,000, in partnership with Federation, to help our Jewish community during COVID.

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How Community Action Funds Work

Gifts to Community Action Funds are pooled together to create our annual Community Grants Program. Organizations apply to JCF for grants for new programming, capacity-building and emerging needs, which are reviewed by our expert staff, Grants Committee, and Board of Trustees. Grants are awarded where they are most needed. 

Examples of Grants in Action

  • $150,000 grant to the Mandell Jewish Community Center to stabilize its operations due to severe financial challenges during COVID-19.
  • $200,000 multi-year grant to the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford to identify and develop a new cadre of community leaders.

“As times change, the needs of our communities are better served by a collective organization such as the Jewish Community Foundation. I feel comfortable knowing that if an emergency occurs in our community, JCF will be there as a source of help.”

— Marlene Scharr

For more information, please email Kathryn Gonnerman:  | 413-475-0415

Values in Action – Fundholders’ Impact

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Why We Give – Legacy Story

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Every fund starts with personal inspiration.  We manage approximately $150 million in assets comprised of 1,440 funds.* 

  Foundation funds provide immediate and long-term financial support to help vital community initiatives.  *As of 9/30/2022 

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