Designated Funds Support Your Favorite Causes Forever

Designated Funds are endowment funds that ensure your favorite nonprofit organizations and causes receive an annual stream of income – forever – to help them sustain a vibrant future.

You can honor your family or the memory of a loved one by naming the fund after them.


Support What Matters Most to You

Each year, we distribute approximately $2 million in grants from Designated Funds. These grants allow beneficiaries to continue their important work, such as feeding the hungry, educating students, and supporting new programs at synagogues.

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Example of a Grant in Action

The Edith B. Goldberg and Ruth D. Goldberg Memorial Fund supports social group activities for Holocaust survivors, and Jewish Book Club and fitness programs for over 500 senior adults at the Mandell Jewish Community Center, fulfilling the donors’ wishes for seniors to live healthy and active lives.

How Designated Funds Work 

  • Select the cause or organization you want to support and name your fund (e.g., the Smith Family Fund).
  • Provide a gift of $5,000 or more (e.g., cash, stocks, real estate, or other assets) or build up to this level over 2 to 5 years.
  • Your endowed fund is pooled into a diversified portfolio, managed by expert investment professionals, to maximize current grant dollars available while preserving the principal in perpetuity.
  • Every year, approximately 4 percent of the asset value of your fund is granted to your designated beneficiary while we continue to maintain, invest and grow your fund’s assets.
  • We handle administration and provide detailed reports to you and your beneficiary.

Values in Action – Fundholders’ Impact

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