Investment Expertise

The Foundation’s Investment Committee, a corps of volunteer investment experts listed below, meets a minimum of four times a year and uses the services of Crewcial Partners, LLC for advice regarding asset allocation and manager selection. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has overall fiduciary responsibility for our investment pool.

Crewcial Partners, LLC provides specialized research, monthly manager performance summaries and quarterly portfolio analysis and reports. It is one of the premier advisors for community foundations and endowments around the country.

Within each asset class, we use world-class investment managers who are expected to outperform an appropriate market benchmark over long periods. This means that, even though our overall portfolio is diverse, each asset class is managed by experts in that particular strategy. In addition, we use market index funds to enhance diversification and moderate our management fees.



Our Investment Committee

The Jewish Community Foundation’s Investment Committee selects and reviews investment managers and consultants, designs and implements an asset mix within established asset allocation guidelines, monitors portfolio performance and recommends and implements our investment policy. The following individuals serve on our Investment Committee and receive no compensation for their work:

Jay S. Spivak, Chair

Owner/Investment Advisor

Spivak Asset Management LLC

David Roth

Managing Director, retired

 WLD Enterprises

David P. Marks

Chief Investment Officer-President, retired

Members Capital Advisors 

Brian S. Fierston

Vice President

Fierston Financial Group, Inc.

Alan M. Mendelson

General Partner

Axiom Ventures

Robert B. Goldfarb


 HRW Resources, Inc.

Gerald B. Goldberg

CEO & Founder

GYL Financial Synergies 

David R. Miller

Managing Director, retired

Conning Asset Management

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