Exploring Philanthropy through a Family Fund

We engage families to explore their shared values and charitable interests. We helped Richard and Cyral Sheldon establish the Sheldon Family Advised Fund. Richard and Cyral’s children, Scott, Sloane and Stacy, share their experiences in selecting charities and making annual grants from their family fund.

Stacy: “Philanthropy has always been part of our family life. I can remember dinner discussions even when I was a child about the importance of tzedakah and the responsibility of those who are fortunate to ‘give back.’ It’s important to talk about these issues because it enables people to openly articulate and share their personal values and priorities. That’s what underlies charitable decisions.”

Scott: “Philanthropy is about selflessly giving to a cause for someone else’s benefit. My sisters and I pick causes that deeply matter to us and decide together how to make a donation that is most impactful.”

Sloane: “When we travel together, we’ll hear about a cause, visit a charity and choose to give together as a family. We can make a big impact by funding small charities and directly connect with people who are being positively impacted.”

Donor StoriesExploring Philanthropy through a Family Fund