Rapid Relief and Recovery Fund Aids Greater Hartford’s Jewish Community

The pandemic created intense challenges for the people, agencies and synagogues in Greater Hartford, but our community persevered thanks in part to generous donors who gave to the Jewish Hartford Rapid Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF). Launched in 2020 as a partnership between the Foundation and Federation, the RRRF provided emergency financial assistance to individuals and grants to 28 Jewish institutions to minimize interruption to the vital programs and services they provide. Organizational leaders found ways to get creative, exploring the ins and outs of the Passover Seder on Zoom, offering virtual exercise classes, and teaching children in socially-distanced outdoor classrooms.

Through the support of over 500 generous donors, the RRRF granted a total of $675,000 in the past two years and earmarked $125,000 for future humanitarian assistance and financial aid to agencies and synagogues during the pandemic.

Donor StoriesStrengthening the Community During COVID