Katie Hanley

I was new to the community when I took a leadership role at JFS during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. I quickly learned something remarkable. I have never, in my many years of working for community-based non-profits, seen the kind of dedication, generosity, and commitment as I have seen here in this community. I am honored to work at JFS and to see first-hand how that generosity translates to real help for people every day. I often think about what the community may have looked like over one hundred years ago when JFS began. Did they think they were building something that would still be helping people today? Did they realize that the work they did then was knitting a safety net for people now? One day, people will wonder the same about us. My role here now is just one part of the puzzle, and I want to do everything I can to help JFS be there for the people who need services in the future. Thank you for creating an easy way to do that. And may this community continue to support one another in perpetuity!