Lillian Fund Inspires Giving and Action

Karen Binkhorst’s first gift to the Foundation’s Lillian Fund was in honor of her mother for Mother’s Day. “I made donations in my mother’s name for several years, but I wanted to be more involved in philanthropy and give back to a community that has given so much to me,” explains Karen, a life-long resident of West Hartford. 

Karen eventually joined the Lillian Fund Committee, offering her time, talent and passion to help women and children in need. “I want to change lives for the better and to empower as many privileged people as possible to help nonprofits,” she says, “and the Lillian Fund is a beautiful way to do this.” 

Karen’s $100 gifts to the Lillian Fund are now in honor of each of her three daughters, so they can vote for which nonprofit should receive the giving circle’s annual grant. “I want their voices to be heard,” says Karen, whose three daughters and one son are actively involved in nonprofit work and social justice activities. “I want my kids to know that philanthropy is more than just writing a check,” she continues. “They have a responsibility to give back.”