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Aim Chai for Hartford!
Ground-breaking collaboration and new ideas, powered by your vision for the future!
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Giving as a Family
Giving is a family affair. Connect through your values and vision.
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Our Quarterly Investment Report Can Help!
Did you know we publish a new investment report every quarter? Access it at the top of our financials page.
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New Aim Chai Contest for Kids!
What do you hope for our community? Write it in 18 words and win a prize!
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Calculate Your Impact
New Endowment Calculator Paints a Picture of Gifts Over Time.
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The Aim Chai Endowment Campaign is unlike anything we've done before. Unprecedented collaboration among the Foundation, Federation and 27 partners. Impressive new ideas, powered by your vision for the future. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

It's Great to be In!

It's great to be innovative, inspirational and inclusive! Our donors, grantees and community partners show these characteristics all the time. View our newest video to learn more about all of the ways you help our community be IN! More stories »