Why We Give

Why is the Jewish community of Greater Hartford so special to you?
Since moving here over seven years ago, we immediately found a home in the local Jewish community. We felt like we belonged here and still feel that way today. This community has something for everyone – wonderful synagogues for a variety of Jewish identities, stellar day schools, a JCC and other organizations with programming that suits the needs and wants of everyone, and tons of incredible opportunities for our youth and teens. And perhaps most importantly, Crown sushi is the best!

Did you grow up in the area? If you did, what are your fondest memories growing up in a Jewish community?
We both grew up in Albany, NY, in another very strong Jewish community. Our childhood years were filled with community, strong synagogue life, and great Jewish youth groups. We find that the Greater Hartford community gives our children similar opportunities to what we grew up with.

You are raising your family here. What values are you aiming to pass on to your children?
We want our children to grow up with a love of being Jewish and have a strong Jewish identity. We want them to see the importance of a strong community and the value of serving that community by creating the kind of experiences they love.

What inspired you to make a legacy commitment to Solomon Schechter Day School and to ensure the future of our Jewish community?
Solomon Schechter has become a home for us. We grew up attending a Schechter school in Upstate NY. This experience shaped our Jewish values and identity, and our commitment to the Jewish community. We hope to instill those same values in our children. A strong day school like Schechter plays a critical role in this experience, and we hope that our LIFE & LEGACY commitment will help ensure that future generations have the same opportunity. To us, Schechter’s combination of strong academics and an amazing Jewish community creates the ideal upbringing for our children.

The Kay Family (back row): Arielle, Ellie and Jason;  (front row): Jessi and Avi

Whatever you cherish most about Jewish life, a Legacy gift can make it last forever. To explore your Legacy giving options, please contact Kathryn Gonnerman at kgonnerman@jcfhartford.org

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