Save Time & Maximize Tax Benefits*
with a Donor Advised Fund 

Everyone wants to have more time, and who doesn’t want to explore tax benefits? A Donor Advised Fund can help you do this.

Most importantly, starting a fund can improve the lives of others. 

Save Time

• Instead of writing 10 to 12 checks to different charities and keeping track of all those receipts, your charitable grants are handled through one source: your Donor Advised Fund, allowing you more time to focus on the joy of giving.

• A Donor Advised Fund will track your charitable contributions into a single tax document, eliminating your time-consuming, record-keeping hassles.

Maximize Tax Benefits

• You could receive immediate tax benefits* in the year that you open and donate to your Donor Advised Fund. Those tax benefits could be money you save for other investments or even to recommend more grants that help people in need.

• Try consolidating – or bunching – your tax-deductible charitable contributions that would normally be made over multiple years into a single tax year. In the consolidated year, you can itemize deductions on your federal tax return, and then take the standard deduction in the other year(s)*. You can still recommend grants to your favorite charities annually (now from your Donor Advised Fund), and get a tax benefit.

Discover more benefits to a Donor Advised Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford.

*This information should not be construed as legal, tax, or financial advice.

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Save Time & Maximize Tax Benefits* with a Donor Advised Fund