JewGood Hartford Redefines Philanthropy

Will millennials be the generation that redefines philanthropy? Studies show millennials want to be more experimental and data-driven in their giving, and more personally involved in addressing long-standing social challenges. Steve Piaker thinks JewGood Hartford members are already leading the charge for change in Greater Hartford.

“JewGood Hartford is so much more than a giving circle at the Foundation,” explains Steve, a JCF Trustee and a partner at NapierPark Global Capital. “It’s a support system of young people who are passionate about philanthropy and want more hands-on personal involvement in the community. These young people are making Hartford a more vibrant community.”

Max Schwimmer, JewGood Hartford Steering Committee member, is also confident in its future. “JewGood allows me to participate in an eye-opening grant making process, where I get to learn about the work of community organizations and consider where my grant will have the most collective impact.”

Pictured above: Steve and his wife, Randi, support JewGood Hartford through grants from their Donor Advised Fund.

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