Annie’s Fund Widens Support for JCC’s Activities

Families Enjoy Benefits of Programs Rooted in Jewish Values 

For her 50th birthday, Annie Keith did 50 group exercise classes at the Mandell JCC. Each time someone joined her for a class, she made a contribution to her fund in their honor to benefit the JCC and asked others to do the same – and they did!

Annie’s family and friends donated to her fund again to celebrate her 16 years as COO of the Mandell JCC, and the impact the JCC has made on her life and the community.  Annie and her supporters collectively participated in 16 JCC activities over 16 days — from spin class to arts and crafts projects. For each activity, Annie donated to her fund and her friends and family followed her lead!

Every gift to Annie’s Fund helps the JCC provide programs that serve people of all backgrounds, ages and stages of life while fostering an appreciation for Jewish culture and heritage.

“I can’t imagine what my life, and my family’s life, would be without the Mandell JCC,” says Annie. “My fund helps me pay it forward so others can enjoy the endless benefits of the JCC.”

We are inspired by Annie’s passion! We hope you are, too.    

We’re here to help you make an impact with your Celebration Fund.

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Annie Keith’s Story