Donors who use their required minimum distribution from an IRA get multiple tax benefits* and support the community. And
that’s not the only smart way to give.

* This information should not be construed as legal, tax, or financial advice.

“Dianne and I regularly use the Required Minimum Distributions from our IRAs to make gifts to our favorite charities. It is an easy and convenient way to avoid a tax burden and help make the world a better place for all of us.”
– Walt and Dianne Harrison

Make every dollar go further and increase your impact with these three approaches:

1. Practice smart, flexible, tax-efficient giving for yourself or a loved one with the Foundation’s limited-time 50th Anniversary Donor Advised Fund for donors ages 50 and under. Enjoy lower minimums and more flexibility, and the Foundation will give a $180 grant to the charity of your choice.

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2. Explore making an after-lifetime gift to your favorite organizations through LIFE & LEGACY, and help them earn incentive grants today.
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3. Help endow your favorite organizations. Endow Hartford 21 will match your gift when you give $250 – $10,000.

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“Instead of spending the money on ourselves, we would rather use our IRA RMD to invest in the Jewish community.”
– David and Merle Harris

To learn more, please contact Kathryn Gonnerman, VP Philanthropy,

Use Your IRA for Good