Magnify your Impact:
Join a Giving Circle 

A giving circle is a model of collective philanthropy where like-minded individuals donate their time and money to a pooled fund and decide together which organization will receive their grant. Members learn, volunteer and engage on issues of concern that matter most to them. The power of collaborative grant-making allows for greater impact. Every voting circle member has an equal voice in deciding where and how the grant will benefit nonprofits and people in need.

Giving: Through a Jewish Lens

The Foundation offers two giving circles, JewGood Hartford for young professionals, and the Lillian Fund for women. Our giving circles are rooted in Jewish values of  kehilla (community) and tikkun olam (repairing the world). We are inspired by people who give generously and want to make a difference. In our giving circles, we have members of different faiths and backgrounds.  We encourage them to use Jewish values to impact social issues.

Giving Circles Award Annual Grants

JewGood Hartford and the Lillian Fund each issued a grant for $10,000 to support local nonprofits. Read the press release here.

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