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Creating a Community Hug

Posted by: Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford on 6/10/2016

Our Jewish community has been very busy this spring fundraising, fun raising, celebrating milestones, and building community.  As many of us make the rounds from event to event, we learn more about what is unique about each organization, how they fulfill their mission, and how they embrace community.

It’s always interesting to see who attends all these simchas, how everyone is connected to our community and to each other.  Many come to support an organization near and dear to their hearts, while others want to express support for a program that helps make Greater Hartford  a great Jewish community.

As I look around the room I always feel warmth and pride.No matter the quality of the event or the food or the speeches, I feel apart of something much larger.  

These experiences led me to think about community, about what it means to build community and how do we know we are on the right path? While this effort is never ending as communities are always in flux, a strong community needs to have a sense of moving forward together.

Let’s think about these ideas so we can be intentional about building community:

  • Safety & Trust - we can be honest about our needs and challenge each other to strive to be our best and serve the community in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Respect - we are all valued for what we each bring and welcome concerns and differences
  • Collaboration - we are stronger together than we are individually, whether an organization, family or individual, we know that we can learn from each other
  • Expectation - we expect the best in each other
  • Enjoyment - we have fun together
  • Sharing - we all have successes, simchas, and challenges and we support each other through all of it

As we practice, we gain a sense of loyalty and our shared goals come closer to reality.  Together, we become empowered to move even further down this path.

We are all links between the rich past of our incredible Jewish community and the rich future we are creating for future generations.

 We’d love for you to share,how do you build community? 

Rise Roth is Vice President of Philanthropy at the Jewish Community Foundation. 


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Fred Molod
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beautiful thoughts for community structure. We all have thoughts and needs as to a community structure. However, the thoughts here are a wonderful basis for building a strong structure
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